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  1. OriginalNyan

    Just a small shop advertisement- Classic

    So yeah, I have a pet shop and a normal shop at /warp Trading post. Previously owned by Jarred, (cosmet1cs) and rubyxx (rat) I have been selling some items recently and haven't gotten pRoFiT yet. So the best way to do so is advertise persistently is the Survival Classic chat and forums. (buy my...
  2. OriginalNyan

    My Survival 2 Titan Services

    So hey! I'm going to be making an odd post here today. I will be talking about what I will do to help people and a guide on bugs and how to get out of them. A bug I have witnessed others have and I have had once was the never ending void when you fall into the void at spawn. There is a way to...
  3. OriginalNyan

    How do you gain power in survival

    I have 3000 power but idk how i got it
  4. OriginalNyan


    Hey guys. I'm leaving the server due to personal reasons. I might not be coming back on. Goodbye
  5. OriginalNyan

    I know it's old but...

    I was there!! Yeet. I was TheMcNyan
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    First of all, Why in the world can't you do /ss change ocelot on any spawner? And why do you have to buy it from the spawner area in /shop? Unless it's a glitch it's not a good aspect of the game I have a pet shop and there's always dogs there. But since I have to relog to wake up the brain...
  7. OriginalNyan

    Parrot spawners

    Parrot spawners in survival should be hard to get. As a lot of people in survival had taken time and money to make their collection. I'd say at least 1mil per spawner in spawners shop. And why is the ocelot spawner broken on survival. It spawns brain-dead ocelots that only "come alive" when you...
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    Staff applications

    Can you not edit or reply to them to fix things?
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    Get to know me

    Name - Ola Age- 16 Preferred nickname- Ella or Nyan Love interests- Bi Pets- serveral fish, cat and an annoying little sister Fave food- lasagna Fave book- warriors into the wild Fave book series- warriors Fave film- Harry potter chamber of secrets Fave anime- Fairy Tail Fave animal- Siberian...
  10. OriginalNyan

    Warrior cats game

    So I saw how many people on beanblockz read warriors so I decided to make a small game. So I'll start with the name of a cat and you have to give another name which first letter starts with the last letter of the previous name. You can have "Kit" and "Star" but no "paw" Example Player 1...
  11. OriginalNyan

    Survival Drama

    Yes everyone loves drama over video games... But.. People take it too far LIKE CRYING OVER A POLAR BEAR. like what? We need more mods on servers where there is tons of drama *cough cough* Survival2
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    My complaints/suggestions

    Cons 1. /Nicks 2. Bugs, kicked when pressing tab in commands 3. Parrots only tp when on ur shoulders 4. U can't egg things 5. How it's harder to get money 6. /Wild cool down 7. Faulty console 8. Harder to navigate on forums Pros 1. Chat colours are awesome 2. Mcmmo 3. Hype 4. Spawns are so...
  15. OriginalNyan

    Join The Mermaid Chicken Empire (Houses Inspired By LdShadowlady <3)

    Hello ! Me (NyanHasALongName) And My Friend Misha (CrazyKqrma) Have Created A Village Inspired By Ldshadowladys House In The First Season Of One Life <3 All Houses Are Replicas Of The Mermaid Palace !, We Need New People To Turn Our Village Into An Empire ! Apply With The Questions Below, (The...
  16. OriginalNyan

    I haven't and won't be on

    So I can't get on Minecraft it doesn't let me. I've tried everything but it doesn't work. Farewell peeps of survival blue
  17. OriginalNyan

    Dont reply

    Accidentally changed my ign from Nyaaaan to Nyaaaaaaaaaaaan ... What should my next ign be?
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  19. OriginalNyan

    how long

    How long to wait until bug report has been viewed. I'm impatient. I posted one on Monday. Still hasn't been viewed
  20. OriginalNyan

    My cats introduction

    Meow meow meow. Purr. Grrrr (check MY channel out.. It's PURRfect. NOW!!) (TheMcNyan #Cats4Lyfe)