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  1. gaygabi

    Who would you be?

    If you could be one forums member- who and why? <3 I’d be @Kris because she’s awesome and has sent the most messages! Ily girlie!
  2. gaygabi

    Name Game!

    ○ I found this, but sadly it’s locked. Let’s start it over! A fresh start! ○ If you don't know how this works, it's pretty simple ○ Example ○ Jenna: Aria Bree: Ali Sam: Ivy Brook: Yami ○ So in basic terms, you have to come up Like if Bree said 'Ali' I could say Ivy because they finished on i &...
  3. gaygabi

    How to earn money!~

    A lot of people have been asking how to get money in the best way. So i’ve gathered what i’ve found to be the top 3 best ways! 1- Make a grinder. They are difficult to start but can give you millions! All you need are spawners and you can ask someone how to build it! It’s very useful. 2- AFK...
  4. gaygabi

    Type With Your Eyes Closed!

    So, you are probably like "tHiS hAs alReadY bEeN doNe", and I am aware. Every one I find seems to be locked and not up to be played anymore. So I thought- lets start a new one. Original here How to play: You look up at the previous reply and copy their last word with your eyes. Then, with your...
  5. gaygabi

    Another Appreciation Thread <3

    So, Pink Weezie has done one of these, but I should do one for the people I really so care about and that mean the most to me. They are not in order. - - Starting with Moderators: @lcjump - You have been there for me since I met you. You can make me smile wider than most people. I really enjoy...
  6. gaygabi


    So, I wrote a poem a little while back, and thought I would share a couple! perfume in the air, sunshine on our faces, the bumps in the road are past us, the storm is behind us, but somehow, the past is always more clear than the present. Small World You look at me like i’m your...
  7. gaygabi


    This may be a bad question but I am very confused on how signatures work. If someone could help me out I would be very thankful.
  8. gaygabi

    Kind Words✨

    Basically, you would look at the person who responded above you and complemented them! Spread the love! I’ll start by complimenting @lcjump ! You are stunning and charismatic!
  9. gaygabi

    Views in Mod Applications

    okay so, i don’t know if this can be answered but do the amount of views on your mod application matter?