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  1. bunneh

    Once you pay someone can you take it back?

    Once you pay someone can you take it back? This has happened to me 4 times so far this year when they've said: "first to do ____ gets $100k - $1m." Then they ask for their money back. In my opinion, this is not right nor respectful towards a player. Even a mod did it to me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. bunneh

    GIF TIME!!!

    Share as many gifs as you want on here and they all have to abide by the forum rules !!
  3. bunneh

    Looking for the beanblockz network information and saw this...

    This might be throwing other players off as it states "1.13.2" on it. And i'm pretty sure we're on "1.12.2" Just a heads up @MamaDuckie @Thomas .
  4. bunneh

    What is happening please help.

  5. bunneh


    When i talk to my girlfriend, it is really hard to send a lot of things at once due to my fast typing. I understand why; this prevents spam which i TOTALLY understand but i don't think it's necessary. ~Elliot
  6. bunneh

    Mob Catching (with eggs)

    I have been on a journey to find all the mobs that I can to capture them in eggs. The deaths, the pAIN, thE tEars to get these results!! All of the mobs that I caught are below.. A mob I couldn't catch was a dog. I did'nt find the ones that are not in the shulker box below. If you have any...
  7. bunneh

    Is being a mod its own rank?

    :unsure:Does it get its own perks, such as flying to see if something is wrong, spectator mode to see if someone is cheating etc?:unsure:
  8. bunneh

    I'm bunneh

    Hey guys! some of you may know me off of Minecraft and others may not know me at all! So here is my introduction. My name is Elliot Johanson Van Der Linden, and I am 15 years young and have a great family and great friends and I hope to make more in the long run. If you need any...
  9. bunneh

    Changing Usernames as a Mod on the server.

    Will accepted mods be able to change their IGN while being a mod?