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  1. Heavxn

    Texture Packs :3

    I just want a cute texture pack, is that too hard to ask for? LOL. If you know of one plsssss tell meee!
  2. Heavxn

    Skyblock :P

    Since the server restart, I've noticed that in the vote crates, there are no longer villager eggs. In my opinion, the villager spawn eggs were a great way to make a profit, and for some reason, I found them fun! I dunno, just a thought :P
  3. Heavxn

    ☯ Heavxn's Introduction ☯

    I've never made an introduction before, and since I've recently become mod, I figured, what better time to do it?! Well, I guess now would be a good time to uh..start writing, but, i'm kinda jammin' to the Justin Bieber Christmas album. Okay Heav, Start. Like, Right now. Okay..seriously. You're...
  4. Heavxn

    Social Media

    Feel Free To Follow Me On Meh Social Media :) Instagram: Tiana._.Lynn Tiana._.Lynn Let's Not Judge Me xD Bcccccccccccccccccc Yeah :P
  5. Heavxn

    Rank Transfer

    I emailed Tom one or two months ago about a rank transfer, and he answered once, then didn't answer back. I gave him the transaction ID, and still no rank. I was wondering if someone could politely ask him to answer his email. Thank You! <3
  6. Heavxn

    Rank Transfer

    Yes! I finally re-bought minecraft, now, all I need is a rank transfer. Just message me if you can ^-^ My ign is "NeonFrenchFries"
  7. Heavxn


    I've recently had to buy a new minecraft, due to the fact I forgot all my account information from my other account, I was wondering if you could transfer all my purchases, onto my new account? New IGN: Heavens_Account (I couldnt think of a username lmao)
  8. Heavxn

    Survival 2

    Hello! So, I was recently playing on survival 2. As I was playing, I was looking for an area to build. There isn't much open space, as people like to have big land and lots of space. I was wondering if at some point soon, you could schedule a server restart? That way, everyone will be able to...
  9. Heavxn

    Nether Portal

    Hi! I've been working on my island quite a lot. (I play Skyblock) And, I wanted to move my nether portal, but I was curious if it would reset the whole nether? If anyone could answer, that'd be great. Thanks!
  10. Heavxn

    Mods for Beanblockz

    Tom, You should add some really fun mods to the server. It would make minecraft a lot more fun to play! Thats my suggestion. xD Im not very good at writing things :3
  11. Heavxn

    To The New Mods

    Congratulations For Getting Mod! As Everyone's Applications Were Great, It Was Tough For Tom To Make A Decision. Congratulations Once Again! ❤️
  12. Heavxn

    Happy New Years!

    Happy New Years Everyone! I Hope You All Have A Safe And Fun Night. ❤️
  13. Heavxn

    Mod Application

    Hi Tom. I didn't know where to post this...hopefully here is okay. What is your current username?: It is Heavenfun317 Have you purchased anything from our webstore? If so, what have you purchased? I have purchased /fly, and Knight What age are you? I am currently 14 years of age. What timezone...