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  1. Target

    Re-Introduction, lol

    Hi!! I am Target, some of you might remember me, some of you may not. I am planning on trying to be more active after a couple months of not getting on. I joined Beanblockz back in early 2017, and I’ve been off and on activity-wise since then. I am almost always on the two survivals, although...
  2. Target


    Hello, pardon me if this seems like an obvious answer, but last reset I purchased a sell wand and the salty tag. I was looking in the store in the reclaim tag and I could not find these two items there. Are they reclaimable? If so, how do I reclaim them? Thank you!
  3. Target


    Umm. Hi! (And bye I guess) I’ve been quite inactive on the server. As in haven’t actually played since the reset. Haven’t actually had interest in the server since... well months. There’s a multitude of reasons for this, main ones being many of my friends I have made are gone, the state of...
  4. Target

    Petition to Re-implement Skywars

    Alrighty cool. I thought I’d try this out because I’ve seen a lot of people talking about bringing back skywars! In my opinion, the decision to remove the server was completely fair because the game mode itself was dead. Why was it dead? Because no one ever played on it. Here’s where this...
  5. Target

    Small Rant

    I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about the two survivals joining, the chat being spammed, there being tons of lag, there being drama, etc, but give it a break. The server just reset, and I promise you it was like this last reset. Tons of people are probably online, loading new chunks and...
  6. Target

    Turning pages?

    Hey, really sorry if the answer to this question is obvious but I’m currently on the forums using my phone, and I can’t seem to find out how to flip to different pages of a thread. Can someone help me out? Thanks!
  7. Target

    Beanblockz Mafia

    I saw this game on the Hypixel forums and thought it looked fun. Disclaimer: This is a hard problem solving game that requires you to be active in the thread. IF you are not active you will be mod killed or replaced. If i don't get enough people then :shrug: Without further ado... I WOULD...
  8. Target

    Beanblockz Player Interviews Week 2

    HI! :) Last week I posted a thread called Beanblockz Player Interviews Week 1, and now its time for... Week 2! Today I logged on to Beanblockz and interviewed 3 more people: @kiwicado, @ChrisY3, and @lxnglivejahseh So without further ado, here are the interviews! Kiwicado (Kiwi) I know this...
  9. Target

    In Need of Island Builders - Up to 15m Pay

    Hey! On survival 1 I've gotten a decent amount of money, and I want to start building my permanent base. I want my base to resemble the castle from the movie Tangled, which looks like this: There is one problem with this thought, I suck at building any kind of mountain or island. I need...
  10. Target

    Beanblockz Player Interviews Week 1

    Hey! Recently I have thought up the idea of interviewing different Beanblockz players, and I decided to post a weekly thread here in Off Topic about it. Basically, every week I will go onto a different server (Skyblock, Creative, Survival, Factions, or Prison) and choose 3 different players to...
  11. Target

    Weekly 22m Giveaway

    Hey! I’m here to announce that every week I will be giving away a total of 22 million dollars every Saturday on survival 1! If you would like to have a chance to earn some cash, I usually start the giveaways 7-9ish pm est. :)
  12. Target

    How to Reclaim Your Rank

    I have seen many, many threads on here asking about lost ranks, or how to claim a rank, so here is a step by step guide with pictures on how to do it. 1. Click on the store button at the very top of the website 2. Once you're in the store, click the reclaim tab 3. Once in the reclaim tab...
  13. Target

    Some Problems I’d Like to Talk About

    Hi. Before you read this thread, I would like you to keep in mind I am not making it to cause drama, I am stating my opinion, and would like to discuss these problems with people that feel the same. Hello! For those who do not know me, I’m generally referred to as Target, and I mainly play on...
  14. Target

    A Guide to Grinders

    Hey! I've seen many people on both survivals asking, "How do I make a grinder," or, "Can someone build a grinder for me idk how." Well, today's your lucky day! Welcome to school because I'm going to teach you how to make your own quality grinder! Keep in mind this is the style of grinder I use...
  15. Target

    Survival 1 Secret Santa

    Ooo second thread on here. I would like to announce that I’m starting a secret Santa on survival 1. I know here’s already one on survival 2, but I thought it would be fun to start one on survival 1! To participate please reply your ign and your nickname if you have one. I’ll /mail you...
  16. Target

    Cool things about the revamp

    Ok so I’ve seen a lot of threads stating complaints or things people do not like about the revamp, and no ones really payed attention to all the cool things they added, so here’s all the things I like about the revamp. Keep in mind I mostly play on survival 1, so I may not know about some...
  17. Target

    Another introduction bc new forums and everyone’s doing it yay

    Hello :) Name: Lily (I prefer target) Nicknames: Any misspelling of Target you could possibly imagine Weapon of choice: Sarcasm Favorite season: Winter Favorite food: Lasagna Favorite games to play: Minecraft, Fortnite, Call of Duty 4, and Counter Strike: Global Gender: Female so if you...
  18. Target

    Store Question

    Hello I was wondering if multipliers from the store were stackable. Like if you bought two 3x multipliers, would you have 6x multiplier?
  19. Target

    Driverless Cars

    Hello, I just finished this opinion piece in my English class and I thought it sounded really nice and I wanted some feedback so here it is ^-^ Imagine yourself in this situation. You are riding down the highway in your driverless car. In front of you a truck, to your right is an SUV, to your...
  20. Target

    Survival multipliers?

    Does a shop multiplier multiply the money you get when you sell stuff or multiply the amount of stuff you get when you buy stuff?