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  1. Jesse

    Announcement Scheduled Maintenance Announcement

    Hi everyone, The past 36 hours have been crazy! Our network has been struggling to keep up with the huge amounts of players joining, so we will be doing some maintenance later today to optimise the servers and improve your experience whilst playing. All of our servers will go down tonight...
  2. Jesse

    Announcement BeanBlockz Revamp 2019 Announcement

    EDIT: We will be doing maintenance on our website on June 4th at 3PM EST to implement our new theme! Hello everyone, Last week marked the fifth official anniversary of the BeanBlockz server, and in five years time we have developed a one-of-a-kind community. Together we’ve been through all...
  3. Jesse

    Announcement Wands are now available on the store!

    Hi everyone, Welcome back to another update post! I've got some very exciting news to share today regarding a feature that has been requested for a very long time. Every week, we receive tons of suggestions from our loyal server community, and although we cannot implement everything, our team...
  4. Jesse

    Announcement Tags are now available on the store!

    Hi everyone, Just a quick update to let you know that chat tags are now available as an add-on on the store! On the left side of the page, you'll see an entirely new "Chat Tags" category with the selection out of a variety of tags. These will be updated over time, so let us know if you are...
  5. Jesse

    Announcement Our new Friends System is now live!

    Hi everyone, We're back with an exciting announcement today! As you may remember, some time ago our team was working on a new in-game friends system. Using this feature, players would be able to add and interact with their friends on the server through an easy and simple to use GUI...
  6. Jesse

    Announcement Prison Server Launch

    Hi everyone, Just a quick heads up that we are finally launching the Prison Server part of our recent revamp! It's been a long time coming, and the team has been working extremely hard to try and get this out to you as soon as possible! The new server includes some nifty new features and we...
  7. Jesse

    Jesse: Competition Entry

    User name: Jesse Minecraft Username: Test Plot ID: Test Screenshots: Test
  8. Jesse

    Announcement We’re not perfect…

    Hi everybody, We’re not perfect. Over the past few weeks there has been some controversy surrounding the revamp that was released, and via this post I would like to address some of the recent criticism that we’ve been receiving. Hopefully we can regain your trust and work towards a solution...
  9. Jesse

    Announcement Launch Reschedule

    Hi everyone, This is a short announcement to let you know we will be pushing back the revamp launch to tomorrow at 1PM EST. We have run into an unexpected hardware issue with one of our main database nodes, which will require additional time and maintenance before we can put the network online...
  10. Jesse

    Announcement Recent Connectivity Issues + Bug Bounty Program

    Hey guys, We just wanted to post a quick update regarding some of the connectivity issues that BeanBlockz has been facing over the last couple of weeks. Your voices have been heard, and we were able to identify a critical problem that caused players to no longer be able to join our servers. You...
  11. Jesse

    Announcement Skywars Reset Announcement

    Hey guys, It's been a while since our last server announcement, but that doesn't mean we haven't been doing anything! Over the past few months, our team has been hard at work on creating a fresh new Skywars experience. We think by now the server has been pretty much perfected, I'm very excited...
  12. Jesse

    Announcement New Skyblock Server Announcement

    UPDATE: Skyblock Genesis is out! Hey everyone! Over the past few weeks we’ve been hard at work to create an extra Skyblock Server! Due to the large heaps of players that join us everyday, we weren’t able to hold everything on one instance anymore and had to introduce annoying player caps...
  13. Jesse

    Announcement Update on BankNotes

    Hey all, I wanted to give you all a quick update regarding our server's BankNotes. Over the course of the last week, you may have noticed that commands such as /withdrawal are no longer working, and right clicking any of the notes you've created is no longer possible. Unfortunately, a...
  14. Jesse

    Announcement Skyblock Downtime

    Hey everyone, As most of you have probably heard or noticed - our Skyblock server has seen significant downtime over the last 24 hours, and unfortunately some of our server files got corrupted which required us to investigate. Long story short, some key files were reset behind-the-scenes which...
  15. Jesse

    Announcement Survival Reset Announcement

    EDIT: Survival is now live! Hey everyone, This is the official announcement for our Survival reset. Later tomorrow, both the Red and Blue servers will be updated with cool and long-awaited new features. I'm excited to tell you about all we have in stock, so let's jump right into it! Reset...
  16. Jesse

    17/05/17 Forum Maintenance

    Hey all, This is just a quick notice to let you know that later today (May 17th), our forums will be going offline for scheduled maintenance work. Starting 8:30PM BST, you won't be able to access or log in to the forums until our maintenance has been completed. The BeanBlockz server will not...
  17. Jesse

    Announcement Survival World Generation

    Hey everyone, We are working on something new for the survival server, and are looking for your opinion again on one of the updates! As you know, we like to keep the Red & Blue servers apart from each other by giving them both slightly different features. This way, players can decide what they...
  18. Jesse


    Skyblock: Temporarily disabled GroundPound due to issues (EDIT: fixed)
  19. Jesse


    Global: Fixed an issue with PlayerVaults randomly resetting Fixed an issue where the "pling!" sound would not play upon a full inventory Skyblock: Fixed an issue with crates not working Fixed an issue where you could get stuck in barriers during PvP Prison: Fixed an issue where your tab...
  20. Jesse


    Prison: Fixed the GUI menus not working Fixed rankups not working Fixed kills and deaths not showing in scoreboard Fixed kits not giving certain items NOTE: We experienced hardware issues on one of the servers where Prison is hosted, causing select files to have reset. Some users may...