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  1. Lcka

    Auto Reboots

    Reboots used to happen at 09:10 BST every 24 hours, but I have noticed that they don't happen every day anymore. Do reboots happen every 48h now?
  2. Lcka

    HELP choose new IGN (please)

    Okay so, I decided to change my username from BananaChipCake after 3 years My name is Luka and I would like something related to my name. I would really like if you people helped by voting in the poll or by leaving a suggestion bellow. Thanksss <3
  3. Lcka

    Corrupt a Wish

    Let's play Corrupt a Wish The first person says a wish Example: I wish I had a new car! The next person grants the wish... but corrupts it Example: Granted, but the car has no engine And so on... (i stole this from instagram lol)
  4. Lcka

    Prison needs to be alive!

    I remember prison as a popular game mode before. But after reset it has totally died! It usually has 0 players and the highest number of players online i saw was 6 (when it opened) It's really sad, and I would love to see Event Staff do something on prison (or factions) game modes :D
  5. Lcka

    Claim heights (Survival)

    I have a question again: How deep/high do claims go? Also, does anyone have some tips with claiming such deep buildings since some people may be able to break them on the certain height? ._.
  6. Lcka

    How to change forum account name?

    The title says it all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Lcka

    Rank colors

    :):):) This is what players think of the colors~
  8. Lcka


    F is for friends who do stuff together U is for you and me N is for anywhere and anytime at all Down here in the deep blue sea… Exactly on this day, 20 years ago, first episode of SpongeBob aired on Nickelodeon Thank you for making my childhood better SpongeBob! Everyone thank SpongeBob. <3
  9. Lcka

    BananaChipCake: Competition Entry

    User name: BananaChipCake Minecraft Username: BananaChipCake Plot ID: 69;69 (it really is) Screenshots: Hi everyone! I'm not really competiting, I made a Head Shop to help people without cosmetics getting heads and decorating their plot! It is still accessible on...
  10. Lcka


    Well it's simple, I remember getting other crate keys from a vote crate before (Survival, /warp crates) , but how to get them now?
  11. Lcka

    Forum "ranks"

    Hello! Some members on forums have a tag under their rank, for example "Well-known member", so I was wondering how do people get these? I know it's not important at all but i'm just curious
  12. Lcka

    What's happening to reboots?

    Did reboots change a little? I remember there were 4 reboots a day, with 6 hour gap, but i think it's different now? Did they change the time or there are less reboots now? Are they totally removed? Or maybe everything is a bug? (or maybe i'm just dumb?) If anyone knows the answer i would...
  13. Lcka


    Okay well, My skin is weird and I like it because it goes well with my username But it is very bad shaded and I suck at shading so could someone help me with some shading tricks or just shade it for me My username is BananaChipCake It's my current skin :I
  14. Lcka

    How to reduce lag

    I have a large head shop on creative and it's really laggy.. there are over 1700 heads I tried "reducing" it by putting heads in item frames instead of just placing them like blocks but there's not a large difference. I have a sign for every head tho, so maybe i should remove them...
  15. Lcka


    Hi everyone! I was wondering are non-forge modifications like OptiFine, LabyMod and some other allowed to use on the server? ^_^
  16. Lcka

    Voting Broken

    Voting system is broken on Creative. I have voted once but it says i voted 5 times. Also, rewards don't work and i don't get WorldEdit. Can this be fixed please?:confused: