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    Give this meme a new caption.
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    ThiccAriii: Competition Entry

    User name: ThiccAriii Minecraft Username: ThiccAriii Plot ID: -13;13 Screenshots: I heard I don't need screenshots. If I'm wrong, please let me know.
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    Titans perks !

    Us titans have payed loads of money to get perks you couldn't have last reset. Like changing spawners and w/e. BUT now anybody commander+ I think can change spawners. I mean, yes they have to pay 5k in order to, but COME ON! We payed so much money to do that stuff. Now I wish I bought commander...
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    I'm so hyped I can't wait!

    The reset has been something I been excited for since the beginning of June! I can't believe it's finally here. I was online when beanblockz shut down the server, and so far it's been about 10 hours! I love the beanblockz workers work so hard to make this an amazing server, and I cannot wait to...
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    Afk pools in survival red

    I was wondering if AFK pools or AFK machines were allowed in survival red. Some people say they are and others say the aren't, so I wanted the official answer. Thanks! <3
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    Survival Red Question

    Hi. So I reported a girl to john (ahrtificialram) for scamming me. If you want me to say her name I will message you it, because if she sees this I don't want her offended. She was temp banned, and I was wondering if I could get the money back. She scammed A LOT from me. By a lot I mean $5...
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    Lizzie's Evil Dungeon!

    Username: BartierAriii Plot Name: BartierAriii Plot Id: 17;8 Screenshots: Question: Since I merged 4 plots, do I have to make 3 more threads? I heard that somewhere and I am not sure if I do or not. Thanks! :D
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    Been Gone For a While!

    Sorry I haven't been very active. I have a lot going on! School is killing me (like always), I been on a Cruise for a while, so that took away some time, We got a new family member! Boy named Barret. Almost all of my close friends are moving:(. I been having some crazy days! But I will try to be...
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    Havana (Ariii's Version)

    [Titan] Ariii IGN: Blxffinq_ Most Seen on: Creative 1, Survival red Banana oh la la, half of my hearts eating a banana oh la la. Yes that was very dumb, just go with it. I love it. Along with cookies.
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    Beanblockz App

    woulsnt it be amazing if the website Beanblockz was an app. You would be able to get notifications and go on it anywhere not needed WiFi. Just sayin’ :)
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    How much of a noob I was <!> EMBARRASSING <!>

    I was such a noob when I started MC, I was like 6 at the time. Im sharing this because I am bored and I want to. This is a timeline, it is in order from when I first started to now. •when I first got the app, I played on my tablet. I didn’t even know how to move forward and the arrows where...
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    Uh oh...

    Peoples, if you can help me the would be great! I didn’t put the plot ID in the Christmas competition application. If I can do it later, that would be good. I am wondering if I can get on the server and do so. I am not home right now so idrk. If I don’t put the plot ID in at all, am I not in the...
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    When will the winners be out?

    Has Joel looked at the plots yet? I have been dYiNg to know who won! He can take his time though, he got a load of plots to look at. If you know about when the winners should be out, tell me please! -Ariii
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    Oh no.... I forgot..

    This isn’t the application, but, I forgot my plot ID :( I am sorry if this doesn’t make me not able to get in, but I am StrangeDepressed so you can go to it! If I can’t be in it, I understand. If I can get back on the server (somehow) I can get the ID! Sorry for the inconvenience...
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    Ready, Aim, Fire

    With our backs to the wall The darkness will fall We never quite thought We could lose it all Ready aim fire Ready aim fire An empire is falling In just one day You close your eyes And the glory fades Ready aim fire Ready aim fire away Ready aim fire Ready aim fire away Off in the distance...
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    Funny fails!

    This made me laugh so hard XD
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    Competition Server

    Hey! The competition creative server is so laggy. I am not the person who makes you do stuff, but if you can restart it, that would be great. Everything is just to laggy for me. Thanks!
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    Christmas Competition

    Hello! My IGN Is: Strangedepressed Plot ID is: glhf everyone :D P.S. I will add my plot ID when I get home, I forgot it. Don’t leave me out please I didn’t know what the heck it was lol <3