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    Miss y’all

    Miss y’all
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    Announcement Christmas 2019 Build Competition

    auggie !!
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    Announcement Christmas 2019 Build Competition

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    Re-Introduction, lol

    Hi!! I am Target, some of you might remember me, some of you may not. I am planning on trying to be more active after a couple months of not getting on. I joined Beanblockz back in early 2017, and I’ve been off and on activity-wise since then. I am almost always on the two survivals, although...
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    Hello, pardon me if this seems like an obvious answer, but last reset I purchased a sell wand and the salty tag. I was looking in the store in the reclaim tag and I could not find these two items there. Are they reclaimable? If so, how do I reclaim them? Thank you!
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    Umm. Hi! (And bye I guess) I’ve been quite inactive on the server. As in haven’t actually played since the reset. Haven’t actually had interest in the server since... well months. There’s a multitude of reasons for this, main ones being many of my friends I have made are gone, the state of...
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    kitpvp :)

    Yeees!! We were totally bringing it back before it was removed
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    Corrupt a Wish

    Granted, but now you can’t speak any other language. I wish for ice cream
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    Eek eek

    Eek eek
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    Petition to Re-implement Skywars

    Aw no I mistyped Skywars in the poll. @MamaDuckie could you fix it so it says Skywars?
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    Petition to Re-implement Skywars

    Alrighty cool. I thought I’d try this out because I’ve seen a lot of people talking about bringing back skywars! In my opinion, the decision to remove the server was completely fair because the game mode itself was dead. Why was it dead? Because no one ever played on it. Here’s where this...
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    Survival Classic Poll

    It’s not really classic at all if all you have to do is type a command and boom, good gear.
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    Survival Classic Poll

    I also agree with shiv on removing kits. On an smp I’m currently playing, it took us about a week to get to the end. Someone got there like under 3 hours it came out.
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    Survival Classic Poll

    I have an idea, per say. What if you established a form of... block/gem currency? Make an item only collectible by finding chests in the overworld or mining ores. This currency could be given/found by opening chests or mining ores. It could be a droppable item or just given. The whole point is...