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  1. purchase store item gone after reboot?

    its not that im argueing but my point isnt been seen. in my eyes the way you explained it this is what happened i buy a can of coke from beanblockz. its in my fridge for a few weeks. beanblockz decides to drink it when i bought the can. anyways just lock thread , no point going on about it...
  2. purchase store item gone after reboot?

    People buy items to support the server and pay its bills while we get cool items in return but playerbase has had nothing just the middle finger Pointed back at them by this move . It’s made many wary not to purchase from the store again , items should of been reinstated . Whatever
  3. purchase store item gone after reboot?

    My item was not lost in lava , lost by death nor stolen . An item I purchased was taken away by the server . Not my fault beanblockz is at fault that’s why 2/4 of your player base is calling bb a scam .
  4. purchase store item gone after reboot?

    i know your a mod and this isn't your fault but i think thats disgusting practice. i play another server rebooted after 4 months and still gave back item that was purchased. especially when ranks on this server costs $100 , making playerbase happy is the owners job and everyone thinks this is a...
  5. purchase store item gone after reboot?

    consumable? the server practically just took it off me when it reset , i didnt consume anything
  6. major lag and block lag

    they said this last year xD
  7. Major lag issues.

    Hi Beanblockz. so its come to the time to complain about the lag. im sure you may already know everyone is having issues regarding breaking blocks , blocks reappearing once broken , and generally bouncing back when walking. most the time i have to break a block around 5-8 times ( completing...
  8. purchase store item gone after reboot?

    nice scam server will be reported to mojang for blacklisting
  9. purchase store item gone after reboot?

    i think your mistaken , its not a consumable it was unlimited use . as seen in confirmation email. Purchased packages: 1x Sell Wand (Unlimited Uses) (Survival) you telling me i paid for items on your server and your not giving my item back after you reset server?
  10. purchase store item gone after reboot?

    Hi. my username is arcadedreams , i purchased the unlimited use sell wand before reboot someone told me the item will come back into my inventory but i still have no item , can i get the item back i paid for?
  11. “ keyspam in pm’s “ issue.

    Hello bean blocks staff and users . It’s come to my attention that mods and SR mods being able to read party chat and personal messages to have become too much of a privacy concern. One coming from a warning I received from a mod today where I messaged my party chat <3 <3 <3 and got warned for...