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    Console "Swear words" Warnings

    I was recently warned for saying Autism and homophobic by the console and I'd like to say that not only are those words DEFINITELY not swear words, it's also quite offensive to say we aren't allowed to talk about it. I was talking about Autism because I was explaining why sometimes I don't...
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    Question about staff

    So, I legit just have a question this time lol but I got banned for 3 days for something that a lot of mods weren't really sure was worth this much of a ban and the moderator who banned me didn't even check in with a higher staff member and I was fine with the ban, I knew I deserved it but, I...
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    Staff app

    18 tries? thats a few right? i started acting out more on the server because of how many hours i spent on my applications and i got denied everytime.
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    Staff app

    I have a question that a lot of people have talked to me about. So, I've noticed that anyone with a punishment record with more than 3 warns is always denied like they don't even read the applications. I want to know why. I know it's because having mods that are disrespectful can be a problem...
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    Announcement New Moderators: September/October 2019!

    Damn, I've applied like 18 times. Maybe I need to be cooler or something lmao