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    Cant access creative

    I've made a bug report for the issue, should be handled with :)
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    aww ty love <3

    aww ty love <3
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    Ping Pong

    pong hehe
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    After the reset

    hey! the tag thing was an issue that should be fixed now. we probably won't have particles again due to the lag issue but feel free to put it in the suggestions thread here cosmetics should be working, feel free to dm about issues you are having :))
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    Corrupt a Wish

    wish granted! but unfortunately, your family and friends died in the process I wish that I could break my annoying habits
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    I can't connect to BeanBlockz :(

    hey! have you figured it out yet? if you haven't feel free to dm me! <33
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    /Nick & Nick Colours

    stop bullying me :((
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    /p flag set greeting confused

    ok so i've spoken to mamaduckie and it'll be placed in bug reports so hopefully it'll be fixed soon <33
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    /Nick & Nick Colours

    this is great! thank you so much for this :))
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    /p flag set greeting confused

    hi! i’m unsure of why this is but i’m very happy to ask if you wouldn’t mind giving me some time :)
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    love u <3

    love u <3
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    Name Game!

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    Win $50 for BeanBlockz store :)

    hehe why not :) this is so sweet of you! ign: heartshapedkiss
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    Announcement New Moderators: April/May 2019

    congratulations everyone!! so keen to be able to work with you all <3