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  1. Get To Know Your Staff Beans: Week 51 - EmmaRiley!

    Why did you troll me on discord i got so sceard
  2. Reboots

    Alright so I and many others wants a reboot schedule so we know when to hire afkers and when not to, for example every 24 hours or something, it is annoying to find out 4 of my afkers got kicked because of a random reboot and I hired them to afk for 6 hours or so just before the reboot happend...
  3. Im back

    Thank you, i hope i can see you around aswell
  4. Announcement Scheduled Maintenance Announcement

    Will there be a reboot schedule
  5. Im back

    I havent been playing much at all, moved to a different house because my first house burnt down and now im back. I was basiclly popular on survival 1, not really in a good way but I think some people miss me. Im one of the true OGs and im happy to be back, used to be the third richest, gave...
  6. Say Anything Challenge

  7. Would you rather!

    live a long life Would you rather be known for the person who killed Harambe or kill a friend.
  8. Not why i got banned xd

    Not why i got banned xd
  9. Sell wand

    How cool would it be if the server added sell wands to skyblock and survival? Would be so much easier to sell things