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    How do you play???

    You can join the server on Java Edition 1.12.2 (or 1.15.2 for creative), by using the ip
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    This is not the place to report a player, you can make a player report here. (and see how to upload evidence here) closing the thread as its in the wrong section. -thread locked-
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    Get To Know Your Staff Beans: Week 84 - Obamina!

    what is your favourite starter pokemon of all time?
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    Issues creating a shop for Ranked item kits

    There are two ways to do this, you can hold the item and do /iteminfo which will show the id to be used on shop signs or you can put the item in the chest and put ? on the ID line to auto fill it.
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    If it isn't working, you can always make a purchase issue here rather than having to rebuy it.
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    using your most up to date username should work. In terms of which rank it was after you click the 'buy' button: if it is one you didn't have and so can't reclaim, it won't give you the option to add to cart, so reclaim the highest rank that it gives you the option to.
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    you can reclaim ranks on the store here.
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    Song Game

    'In this light, I swear you're mine' - Midnight Love, Girl In Red Gold
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    Factions Problems

    Closing the thread as the question was answered. -thread locked-
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    Announcement May 2020 Build Competition Winners!

    Congrats to all the winners !!!
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    HOW DO I PLAY???

    lets not bump old threads please, you can make a new thread to ask a question. Just to answer though- to get on beanblockz you use the ip in the 'add new server' under multiplayer, and once you are online you click the compass and use the gui from that, or /(server) eg...
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    see ya when you come back <333 (also lyt x)

    see ya when you come back <333 (also lyt x)
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    Colour codes for /nick!

    lets not bump old threads please, this is from 2017/18. -thread locked-
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    how do I do it?

    Just going to close this as the question was answered : ) -thread locked-
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    Just closing this as the question was answered -thread locked-