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    The magic chakra fruit from the divine tree
  2. New OC Profile! :D

    nice artwork
  3. Say Anything Challenge

  4. Some of my drawings

    OOOF, didn't mean to offend the creater sorry
  5. Drawing Request

    You may also deposit MC skins here
  6. Drawing Request

    I've been drawing for 4 years now and I want to get more practice, so send me what a description of your character is and I'll try to do an interpretation of it with some imagination, so go wild. Do with this description template. Hair color(s): Clothing: Eyes: Body type: Muscles:1-5 Hair shape...
  7. Some of my drawings

    I recommend practicing more, so that way you can compare what to do and what not to do
  8. Would you rather!

    Whoops i meant girlfriend/boyfriend and wife/husband
  9. My Stupid Art Thread

    oof me hate this stuff
  10. My Stupid Art Thread

  11. U seem like a nice person

    U seem like a nice person
  12. True Or False

    everyone likes to have fun
  13. Would you rather!

    sandpaper as toilet paper would you rather have a loving girlfriend but never marry or have an okay wife but never divorce
  14. Story builder

    She also has the power of necromancy and only uses it to torment her potato friend name tomato
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    There is a dragon potato named kawi