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Christmas 2018 Build Competition

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Hey everyone,

Today I'm happy to announce the start of our annual Christmas competition!

The competition is simple - you have until the 22nd of December to build the best Christmas themed plot you can. As long as it's related to Christmas, it can be entered.

In order to enter your build into the competition, you must create a new thread here with the following information:
  • Minecraft IGN
  • Plot ID
  • Screenshots (upload to, or your preferred image hosting site)
With every competition there are a few rules - we ask that you follow these otherwise your entry may not be counted.
  • Builds MUST be on the Christmas competition server. (/competition on the server)
  • The plot must be Christmas themed
  • Don't steal designs - we will find out if you do!
  • Only the plot owner will win the prize. (others may help you, but they'll receive nothing in return)
  • You must enter...

Black Friday Sale

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UPDATE: The issues with rank upgrades have been solved!

Hey guys,

This is just a quick post to let everyone know we are running an awesome 65% off sale for Black Friday! All packages are discounted at this rate and can be found at

The sale is active until November 26th, so you have all weekend to take advantage. Click here to be taken to the store!


We’re not perfect…

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Hi everybody,

We’re not perfect. Over the past few weeks there has been some controversy surrounding the revamp that was released, and via this post I would like to address some of the recent criticism that we’ve been receiving. Hopefully we can regain your trust and work towards a solution! Here we go...

Ranks Revamp
We have heard your voices in regards to some of the recent rank changes, and realise that some of you may be missing perks or experiencing alterations to an item that you paid for. Whilst we were working on the revamp, the team reviewed all of the current rank permissions, and processed edits where we thoughts those were necessary. I would like to highlight a few of these edits below.

Creative Rank Update
Whilst reviewing the previous Creative Rank permissions, we concluded that the majority of our ranks were extremely unbalanced. Lower tiered ranks were configured to receive most of the perks, and higher tiered ranks were...

Launch Reschedule

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Hi everyone,

This is a short announcement to let you know we will be pushing back the revamp launch to tomorrow at 1PM EST. We have run into an unexpected hardware issue with one of our main database nodes, which will require additional time and maintenance before we can put the network online.

We are working around the clock to fix these issues, and hope we can see you at launch tomorrow! In the mean time, we have put our new website online!


BeanBlockz Network: Revamp Announcement

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Hi everyone,

Today marks an extremely exciting day for the BeanBlockz Community. For the past couple of months, the BeanBlockz team has been working extremely hard on a secret new project. And even though it’s been a long time coming… It is now finally ready! Today we are revealing the new BeanBlockz Network, and we couldn’t be more excited to show what’s to come!

This post aims to explain what will be happening to the server, how things will be transferred, and what our intentions are going forward. Let’s not waste any more time, and jump right into it!

Gamemode Resets
We are classifying this new network as the “BeanBlockz Revamp”... and with a revamp, come new gamemodes! We have re-built the entire network from the ground up, improved our infrastructure, and jam-packed it with quality content. This means that all the existing gamemodes will reset, and you will join an entirely new...

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