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Announcement 24 Hour Creative Challenge!

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Hey everyone!

Just as the title says, we're going to be having a Creative spree on Beanblockz! This isn't a Comp, so there are no winners. This is simply a challenge to see what the community can build within a 24 hour timeframe.

To participate, simply head on over to our Creative Server and do /warp 24hours and you will be brought to the area. Build to your heart's content with your friends and fellow beans.

Keep in mind that this will only be active for 24 hours from the time of this post. (12am-12am BST time or 7pm to 7pm EST time) So head on over and don't miss out!

Keep in mind that all Beanblockz rules still apply!

Have fun!
- MamaDuckie

EDIT: Minor update to this, griefing is allowed.

Announcement Skyblock Reset - Saturday, February 15th @ 2PM EST

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Hello everyone,

It’s been some time since our last content update! Today we are announcing one of many resets that will be rolled out across the BeanBlockz Network in the coming weeks, as we work to improve our server offering and provide you guys with a bug free experience. These servers have been in the works for several months and provide tons of new content for you guys to enjoy! This week, we will be revamping the Skyblock Server. Continue reading to learn more about it.

Reset Information
As with our previous server resets, all progress will be set back to zero. You will lose your current progress, balances and inventories to make place for the new Skyblock Server. Ranks, tags, cosmetics and multipliers are transferred to the new server automatically and will not be lost. Any consumables which you may have purchased up to 14 days before the reset will be reimbursed as well (this includes stuff like crate keys and wands). If an item which...

Announcement Christmas Build Competition Winners

Announcement Christmas Event Week

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Happy Holidays everyone!

As mentioned a couple of months back when we did our Halloween Event Week, it is now time for our Christmas Event Week! Just like our previous Event Week, there is a collectible chat and Discord tag available to win during this week - the 'Jolly' tag, along with some other great in-game prizes and lots of fun on top of it all! Without further delay, here is the line up for the events you can be expecting to see this week:

Sunday, December 15th
Event: Present Hunt
Time: 11am EST
Host: Ashley
Prize: 'Jolly' Chat Tag

Monday, December 16th
Event: 1v1s
Time: 4pm EST
Host: Andrew
Prize: 'Jolly' Chat Tag

Monday, December 16th
Event: King of The Hill
Time: 6pm EST
Host: Kimmy
Prize: $1M

Tuesday, December 17th
Event: Guess the Build
Time: 5pm EST
Host: Ashley
Prize: $1M

Wednesday, December 18th
Event: Community Build
Time: 2pm EST
Host: Ashley
Prize: $1M

Wednesday, December 18th
Event: Maze
Time: 4pm EST
Host: Kimmy
Prize: 'Jolly' Chat Tag


Announcement Christmas 2019 Build Competition

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Hey everyone,

Today I am happy to announce the start of our annual Christmas competition! The competition is simple - you have until the 28th of December to build the best Christmas themed plot you can. As long as it's related to Christmas, it can be entered.

In order to enter your build into the competition, you must create a new thread here with the following information:
  • Minecraft IGN
  • Plot ID
  • Screenshots (upload to, or your preferred image hosting site)
With every competition there are a few rules - we ask that you follow these otherwise your entry may not be counted.
  • Builds MUST be on the Christmas competition server. (/competition on the server)
  • The plot must be Christmas themed
  • Don't steal designs - we will find out if you do!
  • Only the plot owner will win the prize. (others may help you, but they'll receive nothing in return)
  • You must enter...

Announcement Christmas Charity Fundraiser: UNICEF

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Hi all,

It’s December 1st, which means we are officially in the month of Christmas! It’s time to put up the decorations, put on your Christmas sweaters and cosy up with a hot chocolate watching your favourite festive films.

This is reality for most of us, however unfortunately there are millions of less fortunate children that don’t get to experience this. There are children out there lacking the basic necessities such as clean water, basic sanitation or even a toilet. As a result, hundreds of children are dying from preventable diseases every single day.

Christmas is the season of giving, so we’ve decided to give back and organise our first charity fundraiser. We will be raising money for UNICEF, a global charity that focuses on providing humanitarian aid for children in need across the globe. You can read more about the amazing work they are doing here.

In order to raise money we are releasing three...

Announcement Creative Server Feedback

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Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is having a great start to their November, enjoyed their Halloween and is getting pumped for all the upcoming holidays we still have left this year! Now, you may remember a few weeks back that we posted a thread looking for server feedback. We went through everything that was submitted and would like to thank everyone who did create a submission for it. With everything we learned from it, we've decided that in order to make sure that we give everyone the best experience on this server as we can, that we need to do this again with a bit more specification. This feedback form will be the first of several that we push out and hope that by doing this we can improve the server one step at a time. With that being said, let's get on with it!

This time we're asking for feedback pertaining to the Creative Server specifically(not our Comp Server). If you'd like to give your opinion(and we hope you do) on this gamemode, then please follow the...

Announcement November 2019 Build Competition

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Hey everyone,

Now that our Halloween build competition is over it's time for us to announce the theme for November! The theme is going to be "Magic" - picked by Joel, this has been left intentionally vague so that he can find out what comes to mind when you hear the word. Maybe you'll build Hogwarts, or maybe the Magic Kingdom theme park at Disney...who knows?

The competition will close on the 28th of November and winners will be announced a few days later - this is also when we will announce the theme for the following month.

In order to enter your build into the competition, you must create a new thread here with the following information:
  • Minecraft IGN
  • Plot ID
  • Screenshots (upload to, or your preferred image hosting site)
With every competition there are a few rules - we ask that you follow these otherwise your entry may not be counted.
  • ...

Announcement Halloween Build Competition Results

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Hi everyone,

Our Halloween competition is now over! Thanks to everyone who entered - there were tons of awesome builds submitted! Joel has went through every entry and picked the winners, which we’re happy to announce are as follows:

1st: @ReaperBlossom -
2nd: @EpicVillagers -
3rd: @BadUnicornz -
4th: @shiv -
5th: @SoggyyBaconn -

Runners up in no particular order:
@AnyLove -...

Announcement New Moderators: September/October 2019!

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Hey everyone!

During this rounds staff applications, we received so many wonderful applications, but we couldn't pick everyone. We want to thank everyone for their interest in helping the server by becoming a staff member, regardless if they were chosen or not. Without further ado, here are the newest members of our staff team:


Announcement BeanBlockz Network Feedback

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Hello beans!

Recently the Management Team has been discussing the server as a whole on a deeper scale and while we can guess, speculate and assume, it's not the same as having legitimate feedback from the community itself - outside of the the Suggestions section that is. So in order to get the results we're looking for, we've decided that outright asking the community for feedback would be the best way to go about things. If you'd like to help us improve the server by providing feedback, please follow the link below to fill out the form. We appreciate it in advance.

BeanBlockz Network Feedback


Announcement Introducing Event Weeks

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Happy month of spooks, beans!

Most of you probably remember the Anniversary Week our event team hosted this summer in celebration of Beanblockz’ 5th Anniversary and I’m very excited to announce the implementation of Event Weeks on a more regular basis! Halloween Week, Christmas Week, Spring Week and Anniversary Week - during each of which you will have the chance to win a 'collectible' in-game chat tag and Discord tag prize.

Our Head Event Staff, Ashley, has been working with the higher staff team to make this happen and bring everyone a super fun week of events with an extremely special prize! Not to mention, the event team as a whole has been working very hard on event planning, map making, etc for this very special week.

About Halloween Week
Halloween Week will officially be starting on Sunday, October 20th and will be taking place until October 26th and will consist of a total of 10 events. 5 out of the 10 events will have a prize for the first place...

Announcement Halloween Build Competition & September Winners

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Hey everyone,

Today we are going to be announcing the next build competition - as you may have guessed, it's Halloween - our favourite event of the year!

The competition will close on the 28th of October - winners will be announced a few days later on October 31st - this is also when we will announce the theme for the following month.

In order to enter your build into the competition, you must create a new thread here with the following information:
  • Minecraft IGN
  • Plot ID
  • Screenshots (upload to, or your preferred image hosting site)
With every competition there are a few rules - we ask that you follow these otherwise your entry may not be counted.
  • Builds MUST be on the competition server. (/competition on the server, or choose 'Creative -> Competition' in the server compass)
  • The plot must be Halloween themed
  • Don't steal designs -...

Announcement Staff Applications: September/October 2019

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Hey all you beans!

It's that time of year again when we are in need of new moderators! Exciting isn't it? We're looking for some awesome new people to join our ranks and help us in taking care of the server. So if you're mature, hardworking and generally wanting to help keep Beanblockz a safe and happy place, then you should give applying a shot and continue reading below for more information on how you can do it!

In order to ensure we pick the right players for the position, we have a set process for applications that you can find below:
  • Forum Application: This is the application form linked at the bottom of the page. The application contains a standard set of questions which will be used to find out some details about you, which will allow us to decide whether or not we think you're a suitable candidate.
  • Discord Interview: If we like your forum application, we will potentially invite you onto either our Discord server where we'll have a short chat...

Announcement Introducing Monthly Build Competitions

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Hey everyone,

As the title suggests today we are going to be announcing monthly build competitions! We will be running official monthly build competition on the server which will allow you to win some awesome prizes. The theme will be different each month and may relate to an event (Christmas, for example) or could be a generic theme. We hope that these competitions will bring in more players on the server from Joel's channel and also provide more content for our current Creative players.

The theme for this month is 'Kingdoms' - inspired by the newly launched KingdomCraft series on the Smallishbeans YouTube channel.

The competition will close on the 28th of September - winners will be announced a few days later on October 1st - this is also when we will announce the theme for the following month.

In order to enter your build into the competition, you must create a new thread here with the...

Announcement Beanblockz Discord Emoji Competition!

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Hello everyone!

I hope everyone's been having a lovely summer(or winter depending on where you live)! As you can tell from the title of this thread, it's competition time here on Beanblockz once again, but this time with a little twist! This competition is for our Discord server, so if you're not familiar with it, please check it out as sometimes we post updates there that we don't post anywhere else. Without getting anymore off track, this is a competition for new custom emojis for our Discord Server - so if you're an artist or just want to give it a shot, then here's your chance to shine.

Competition Rules/Guidelines

  • All entries must be of your own creation and not stolen from somewhere
  • You may submit up to three emojis and all entries must be submitted to this thread
  • While you can submit three images, keep in mind that you can only win once
  • All entries must be uploaded to
  • All entries must comply with...

Announcement Feature Update: Plot Downloads

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Hi all,

Today we are announcing a new feature on the Creative server - the ability to download your own plot! This feature has been highly requested on the server and can be very useful in a variety of scenarios: A few examples of these are:
  • You don't have enough plots left and want to build something new, but don't want to delete one of your existing builds forever
  • We run a competition and you want to take a copy of your plot before the Competition Server closes
  • You've worked long and hard on something and want to import it into your own single player world (or your own private server for you and your friends)
There are definitely more ways you can utilise this feature, but we'll leave it to you to come up with those. Right now there is no way to import plots (and we don't think there ever will be) - this is purely exportation. The feature is live and ready to be used on the server for players with the King rank or above.

Instructions are...

Announcement Scheduled Maintenance Announcement

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Hi everyone,

The past 36 hours have been crazy!

Our network has been struggling to keep up with the huge amounts of players joining, so we will be doing some maintenance later today to optimise the servers and improve your experience whilst playing. All of our servers will go down tonight (Sunday) at 8PM EST... which is 1AM if you are in the British timezone. During this time, you will not be able to join the BeanBlockz server as we will be enabling maintenance mode.

We do not have an ETA at this time as to how long maintenance will take. We recommend to keep an eye out on this page for more information. During today's scheduled updates, we will also be changing some things up on the Classic server (see poll here), and we will be pushing some mandatory bug fixes for all the issues that you have reported (including giving back claim blocks, etc.). After maintenance, we will post a changelog...

Announcement BeanBlockz Revamp 2019 Announcement

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EDIT: We will be doing maintenance on our website on June 4th at 3PM EST to implement our new theme!

IMPORTANT: Two updates which weren't included in the announcement:
  • Creative: Due to the low player counts throughout, Creative 2 will be shut down
  • Skyblock: We can now support more players on one instance, so both Skyblock servers are being merged in one
Hello everyone,

Last week marked the fifth official anniversary of the BeanBlockz server, and in five years time we have developed a one-of-a-kind community. Together we’ve been through all the highs and lows, Minecraft changes and updates to the server. We are extremely grateful to be working with such an amazing group of people full of love and support, and although we realise we haven’t been on top of things lately, today will mark...

Announcement Wands are now available on the store!

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Hi everyone,

Welcome back to another update post! I've got some very exciting news to share today regarding a feature that has been requested for a very long time.

Every week, we receive tons of suggestions from our loyal server community, and although we cannot implement everything, our team takes a careful look at what the possibilities are to improve gameplay. Over the course of the past few months, one feature in particular has especially stood out, which is the addition of Wands. I am very excited to share today that two versions of Wands have been added to the server:

Sell Wand
This wand can sell any items that are stored inside of a chest, simply by right clicking the chest with the wand in your hand.
Sell Wands are available in variations of 1000, 2000, and 3000 uses - but also in an unlimited use version.

Condense Wand
This wand can convert any items that are stored inside of a chest, from their minerals form into blocks. (For example: Iron Ingots...

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