15 May
Weekend Flash Sale! MamaDuckie
Hey, everyone!

We hope everyone is doing well and staying safe! For a short time only - until end of day on Sunday night EST - we'll be holding a limited time flash sale on our store! Everything will be 65% off! Check out our server store here! Enjoy the surprise sale and have a great weekend!

08 May
KitPvP is returning to the server! Thomas
Hey everyone,

Today's post is going to a short one, but comes with some good news for the server - we're bringing KitPvP back!

We're hoping to release this within the next month, but before we do so there are some important decisions we need to make such as the server style and PVP version. The goal is to bring out a server that works for everyone and as such we will be releasing a feedback form. The form will allow you to vote on the style and version, and also provide any additional suggestions. If there's something you think would work well we would love to hear about it! The map will be of a similar style to the original server we had back in 2015. If you weren't around then you can find a video here.

The form can be accessed by clicking here and will be available for 7 days. After 7 days have passed we will close the form, release the results and schedule in a date to release the server.

06 May
New Staff: May 2020! MamaDuckie
Hey everyone!

Last month, we released applications for a new type of staff member, the Helper rank! After much consideration - and reading - I'm pleased to announce that we've selected our new staff members! With nearly 500 amazing applications, we obviously couldn't pick everyone, but we thank everyone who applied for their interest in helping out the server and urge those who weren't accepted to reapply in the future. With that being said, I'd love for everyone to join me in giving the new staff a warm welcome!

Welcome to the team, guys! We're excited to have you!

02 May
May 2020 Build Competition Thomas
Hey everyone,

Today I am happy to announce that we are going to be restarting our monthly build competitions! We took a break after the Christmas competition as the felt the competitions had been overdone, but after reviewing feedback we have decided to start them back up again :)

This month the theme is going to be 'LOCKDOWN' - intentionally vague, we want to see what you think of when you think of lockdown. Some ideas to help you get started:
  • Something you miss and can't do because of lockdown
  • Things that you CAN do during lockdown to stay entertained
  • A prison :cool:
The competition will close on the 30th of May and winners will be announced a few days later - this is also when we will announce the theme for the following month.

In order to enter your build into the competition, you must create a new thread here with the following information:
  • Minecraft IGN
  • Plot ID
  • Screenshots (upload to, or your preferred image hosting site)
With every competition there are a few rules - we ask that you follow these otherwise your entry may not be counted.
  • Builds MUST be on the competition server. (/competition on the server, or choose 'Creative -> Competition' in the server compass)
  • The plot must be...
11 Apr
Staff Applications: April/May 2020 Thomas
Hi everyone,

Today we're excited to announce our next round of staff applications! We’re looking for reliable, active and trustworthy community members who are willing to dedicate their time to helping make the server a better place. If this is something you’re interested in, please continue reading :)

Before we get into the application process it's important that we let you know we are introducing a new staff rank on the server. It's the Helper rank, and will be given to all new staff members. The role will have limited permissions (mute, kick, tempban). After you've been staff for a while we'll more than likely offer to promote you to the Moderator rank - if you wish to remain a helper, this is fine.

In order to ensure we pick the right players for the position, we have a set process for applications. This works as follows:
  • Forum Application: This is the application form linked at the bottom of the page. The application contains a standard set of questions which will be used to find out some details about you, which will allow us to decide whether or not we think you're a suitable candidate.
  • Discord Interview: If we like your forum application, we will potentially invite you onto either our Discord server where we'll have a short chat (15 minutes or so) where we'll hopefully get to know you a little better - this is nothing to...


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