17 Mar
Recent changes on the Skyblock Server Jesse
Hi everybody,

Yesterday, we planned some long overdue maintenance on the Skyblock server and I would like to update you all on some of the changes that we have made during this window, as well as in the past few weeks since the server has been released! Let us know how you feel about these updates in the comments below, and if there is anything that you are missing or would like to see changed/added!

Updated House Style
The look of the server has been reversed to the style that you have been known and used to on BeanBlockz. With this recent reset, we tried implementing a fresh new look - however it was apparent that an overwhelming amount of players were in favour of seeing the old style - so we've reversed it back! This covers the look of chat messages, tooltips, GUIs, scoreboards, tab lists and more.

New Warps
We have added a variety of new warps to the server, including the following:
  • /warp grinder: A new grinder zone, located in the spawn instead of on an isolated island
  • /warp pvp: A large new, dedicated PvP arena as an alternative to the small PvP Pit in the spawn
  • /warp nether: A separate, Vanilla nether world as an alternative to the island nether
Voting is now finally working, so you are able to collect valuable Vote Tokens which can be...
22 Feb
24 Hour Creative Challenge! MamaDuckie
Hey everyone!

Just as the title says, we're going to be having a Creative spree on Beanblockz! This isn't a Comp, so there are no winners. This is simply a challenge to see what the community can build within a 24 hour timeframe.

To participate, simply head on over to our Creative Server and do /warp 24hours and you will be brought to the area. Build to your heart's content with your friends and fellow beans.

Keep in mind that this will only be active for 24 hours from the time of this post. (12am-12am BST time or 7pm to 7pm EST time) So head on over and don't miss out!

Keep in mind that all Beanblockz rules still apply!

Have fun!
- MamaDuckie

EDIT: Minor update to this, griefing is allowed.
Hello everyone,

It’s been some time since our last content update! Today we are announcing one of many resets that will be rolled out across the BeanBlockz Network in the coming weeks, as we work to improve our server offering and provide you guys with a bug free experience. These servers have been in the works for several months and provide tons of new content for you guys to enjoy! This week, we will be revamping the Skyblock Server. Continue reading to learn more about it.

Reset Information
As with our previous server resets, all progress will be set back to zero. You will lose your current progress, balances and inventories to make place for the new Skyblock Server. Ranks, tags, cosmetics and multipliers are transferred to the new server automatically and will not be lost. Any consumables which you may have purchased up to 14 days before the reset will be reimbursed as well (this includes stuff like crate keys and wands). If an item which you had purchased is no longer available, you may submit a purchase report. This is the case for token purchases specifically.

Release Date
Our latest version of Skyblock will be released this upcoming Saturday, February 15th at 2PM EST (7PM BST). The existing Skyblock server will be taken down 6 hours in advance (at 8AM EST) to do the necessary preparation work. For a countdown...
14 Dec
Christmas Event Week MamaDuckie
Happy Holidays everyone!

As mentioned a couple of months back when we did our Halloween Event Week, it is now time for our Christmas Event Week! Just like our previous Event Week, there is a collectible chat and Discord tag available to win during this week - the 'Jolly' tag, along with some other great in-game prizes and lots of fun on top of it all! Without further delay, here is the line up for the events you can be expecting to see this week:

Sunday, December 15th
Event: Present Hunt
Time: 11am EST
Host: Ashley
Prize: 'Jolly' Chat Tag

Monday, December 16th
Event: 1v1s
Time: 4pm EST
Host: Andrew
Prize: 'Jolly' Chat Tag

Monday, December 16th
Event: King of The Hill
Time: 6pm EST
Host: Kimmy
Prize: $1M

Tuesday, December 17th
Event: Guess the Build
Time: 5pm EST
Host: Ashley
Prize: $1M

Wednesday, December 18th
Event: Community Build
Time: 2pm EST
Host: Ashley
Prize: $1M

Wednesday, December 18th
Event: Maze
Time: 4pm EST
Host: Kimmy
Prize: 'Jolly' Chat Tag

Thursday, December 19th
Event: Build Battle
Time: 9am EST
Host: Sara
Prize: 'Jolly' Chat Tag

Friday, December 20th
Event: Scavenger Hunt
Time: 3:30pm EST
Host: Ashley & Kimmy
Prize: $1M + Charity Tag of Choice

Friday, December 20th
Event: Hide & Seek
Time: 6pm EST
Host: Yen
Prize: 'Jolly' Chat Tag

Saturday, December 21st
Event: FFA
Time: 10am EST
Host: Andrew
Prize: $1M

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