27 Jun
BeanBlockz 7th Anniversary! MamaDuckie ♡
Happy 7th Anniversary, everyone!

Today, BeanBlockz turned 7 years old! Lucky 7! Isn't that crazy?

We just wanted to send out a thank you to everyone who's been apart of our community - no matter if you've been here from Day 1 or just joined us recently. We're so happy to have you in our community and hope that you're happy to be here too! Especially in this wild last year and a half that the whole world has been going through, we hope everyone is still staying safe and healthy, but still enjoying life along with it. Our Beaniversary this year has featured some awesome Events held by the Build Team and some awesome Instagram posts and activities from our Media Team! We hope you got to take part in at least some of it to celebrate the 7th Anniversary of our community.

Now, I do have a small little peak into the future for you all today to go along with our Anniversary celebration...

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for our Summer Week! Our Events Team will be posting about it in the coming weeks so stay tuned for that! Our Media Team and Newsletter Team have some tricks up their sleeves as well, so make sure you're looking out all over the place! Additionally, we have some other awesome things in the works all around (all of our platforms), so make sure you're in our Discord, following us on social media and checking forums regularly to see if we tease...
29 May
Factions Feedback Form MamaDuckie ♡
Hello everyone!

We hope everyone has had a safe and healthy first half of 2021, and that you're finishing up with wonderfully passed exams! Today we want to take some time to look at our Factions server to see where we can take it in the future. To do so, we're releasing a feedback form that we'd like everyone to fill out - especially those who do play our Factions server. We want to know what you like about it, what you dislike about it, what you think we can change(within reason), what suggestions you may have for the Factions server.

Reminder that this feedback form is for the Factions server and the Factions server only. Any feedback added to it that does not pertain to the Factions server will be removed from the form.

Factions Feedback Form

16 Mar
Events Anniversary Line-Up! MamaDuckie ♡
Hey, beans!

Two years ago we started hosting events for the community! So, on March 18th we will be hosting 24 hours of events to celebrate! You will have a chance to win $10M on your game mode of choice as well. The schedule is listed below and we hope to see you all there!

Event: Build Battle
Time: 1AM EST
Host: tuulips
Prize: 10 Mil

Event: Block Party
Time: 3AM EST
Host: aouria
Prize: 10 Mil

Event: Parkour
Time: 6AM EST
Host: aouria
Prize: 10 Mil

Event: Interior Build Battle
Time: 9AM EST
Host: aouria
Prize: 10 Mil

Event: Hide & Seek
Time: 12PM EST
Host: tuulips
Prize:10 Mil

Event: Obstacle Course
Time: 3PM EST
Host: aouria
Prize: 10 Mil

Event: Skywars
Time: 7PM EST
Host: Haailee
Prize: 10 Mil

Event: Spleef
Time: 10 PM EST
Host: Haailee
Prize: 10 Mill

Remember, if you have any questions feel free to contact any of our events staff. We hope you all will have fun!

Hello everyone and welcome to 2021!

As the first post of the new year, I'd like to take a quick minute to thank everyone for sticking with us through 2020. We hope everyone had a wonderful year despite the world events that were going on and that everyone is going into 2021 in high spirits and good health!

Before we tackle the Build Comp, I want to talk about the Charity Fundraiser we did this holiday season. In December, we started the 2020 Christmas Charity Fundraiser for Save the Children where you could purchase the tags #STC, #Xmas2020 and #GiveBack, the proceeds for it going 100% to UNICEF which we would then matching up to £1000 ($1300) in donations. From this, we as a community managed to raise $273 for UNICEF. Matching this, we have donated $546 which is entirely amazing! Well done and thank you everyone who donated!

And now our Christmas Build Competition Winners!

6th-10th Place(in no particular order): Bruhy, GIRLY44neo, secretgirl12...
13 Dec
Winter Event Week 2020! MamaDuckie ♡
Hey all you festive beans!

Our Winter Event Week will be starting in a few days on the 15th of December where you will have the chance to win prizes including an exclusive ‘Frosty’ Chat Tag and $10M ingame on the server of your choice! Below you can find the schedule for the week’s events, all times listed in EST.

Tuesday, December 15th
Event: Kahoot
Time: 10:30am EST
Host: ashthetotaltrash
Prize: No Prize

Event: Build Battle
Time: 3pm EST
Host: prithcess
Prize: $10M

Wednesday, December 16th

Event: 1v1s PvP
Time: 12pm EST
Host: tnya
Prize: Frosty Tag

Event: Parkour
Time: 5pm EST
Host: prithcess
Prize: Frosty Tag

Thursday, December 17th

Event: Block Party
Time: 6am EST
Host: ashthetotaltrash
Prize: $10M

Event: Scavenger Hunt
Time: 4pm EST
Host: prithcess
Prize: Frosty Tag

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